Nateby Primary School

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23rd November 14
OPEN DAY 2014 Come along and see Nateby School in action. Discover what life is like for our pupils on 27th November at 2.15pm :                      

Nateby Primary School.

A quiet village school......?

We don't think so!



What do we believe is the purpose of education? What is the purpose of a school? What is it that underpins all that we do in our school?

At Nateby Primary School we believe that every child is unique. That they are entitled to an education which excites, supports and challenges them. That children flourish when they feel safe enough to take risks and to be themselves.



This week we have been learning about the aircraft used in World War II such as V2 rockets, Doodlebugs, Spitfires and Lancaster Bombers. This will not only help us with our history but also with our writing when we try to imagine what it must have been like to live through a war. Our models are based on as scale of 1/4 so imagine seeing the real thing flying above your head!

Learning is fun!


We are very proud of our 'outstanding' school. Our staff, volunteers and the community work hard to provide an exciting and relevant curriculum. We feel we are all teaching to our strengths inviting specialists in to school to enhance the curriculum: we offer a weekly specialist music lesson to all junior pupils - this year the whole of the juniors will be learning to play the keyboard. All junior children have one and half terms of swimming every year (at Garstang YMCA swimming pool) across the whole of the juniors. Read on to discover more about Nateby Primary School.

Anyone for Mud Pie?


The children in Class One returned to school to find a Mud Kitchen in their outdoor area. The children were soon concocting all kinds of tasty treats from leaf soup to mud pies and leaf and twig stew!! Mmmmm delicious! 

Curriculum 2014-2015


We match our learning objectives to termly themes in the juniors (the infants join in too). 

This academic year our themes are: 'Wheels, Weapons and Warfare'; 'Inventions' and 'Where we live'.


Curriculum 2013-2014


Last year our themes were 'Castles, Crowns and Conquerors', Mountains, Myths and Monsters' and 'Planet Earth: Status Critical'. The photos above show some of the activities we took part in to make the themes 'come alive'- we even had a visit from Sir Edmund Hillary (yes we do know he's dead!)

Sign To Sing


We have been learning sign language with the help of one of our fantastic teaching assistant- Mrs Ryan. Here we are joining in with a World Record attempt to have the most people signing simultaneously in 2013 and 2014.