Nateby Primary School

Class 1

Class 1 have been studying the life of the forgotten Oldham suffragette Annie Kenney. The children noticed that we didn’t have any books that even mentioned her.

Some of our pupils then had the brilliant idea that we should write to children’s author Julia Donaldson and tell her about it! The year 2 children wrote lovely letters to Julia Donaldson and within a couple of weeks we’d had a reply!

Class one had a visit on Monday from Anabela’s Guniea Pig as part of their lesson, learning about the differences between real animals and toy animals.

Our new canopy for class one went up in the Summer holidays ready for our September return. A big thank you goes to Grantscape for the grant towards the project.

Design and Technology

We are learning all about healthy eating this half term. We are going to design and make some healthy party snacks. We have been learning how to use the tools we will need.