Class 2

Class 2 are taught by Mrs Smith every day except Monday mornings when it is her Preparation time. Mrs Vardey (headteacher) teaches Art/ DT then.

Humblescough Farm Trip

At the beginning of our new school year, we thought it would be nice to get to know each other by having a team building day at Humblescough Farm. Children worked together to help build dens and took part in games which used their communication skills. The children also got to make clay pots and go bug hunting and course, the children’s favourite – toast marshmallows by the campfire!

The Judges Lodgings

The children enjoyed their visit to The Judges Lodgings where they learnt about being at school in the Victorian era. They were also fascinated to learn about Victorian toys. and the clothes Victorian children wore.

Henna Art

Class 2 enjoyed exploring their henna skills in art with Mrs Vardey. The children worked in pairs to created some symmetrical designs which they transferred onto themselves. 

Anglo-Saxon Villages

After learning about Anglo-Saxon settlements, the children made their own Anglo-Saxon villages making sure that they were located by a source of water and wood.

Class 2 Meet The Fire Service!


We had a twist on our World Book Day here at Nateby. We went for a ‘Book in a box or bag’. The children did a fabulous job creating their ‘book in a bag’. Can you guess which books they are? 

Bradshaws Farm Shop Visit

The children really enjoyed their visit to Bradshaws Farm Shop. They loved discovering which fruits and vegetables were ‘in season’. They asked Mr Bradshaw lots of questions about where the produce had come from. A big thank you to Mr Bradshaw and the staff for their patience when answering! The children were amazed to discover that some fruit and  vegetables had travelled from the other side of the world! 

Easter at Nateby

Class 2 had the important task of leading our Easter celebrations this year… and they did it in style!

Humblescough Farm Visit

We had a great day at Humblescough Farm. The children worked brilliantly together to make a den that would keep them dry if it was to rain. Of course there was a camp fire with marshmallows!! What a great way to finish the school year!!